September 30, 2019

Art at Lost River.

Crafty Random-osity Plus a Founding Father.

The Good: Hardy County has a barn quilt trail now, so let's begin this post with a barn quilt at Lost River.
Monday Murals.
We were there Saturday and saw the finished "Greetings from Lost River" mural. 

I photographed it a month ago, not realizing it was not yet completed. For one thing, the large lettering had not been added, and perhaps you will spot other changes from the earlier version.

The Random: An artist was working on a painting when we entered the Lost River Artisans Cooperative. I recognized it as Chimney Rock, which you pass if you continue southeast on Route 259 toward Broadway, Virginia.

For those who have not been to eastern West Virginia, the town of Lost River is named for the nearby river, which disappears under Sandy Ridge and reappears as the Cacapon River.
Here are a few sights from inside the art center.
Mosaic Monday.

The Fun: Look who showed up there! Ben Franklin!

Actually, I had timed our visit to be there for Ben's presentation. He talked about his life, his inventions, and his important role in convincing the French to help us out during the American Revolution.

At the end of the program, he confessed that he is portrayed here by Leon Alexander


  1. ...Ben looks good for his age!

  2. Beautiful artwork and mural! Happy October, have a great day and new week ahead.

  3. So nice to go back and find the mural had been finished.
    Those pillows in the Art Centre are cute, and the Ben Franklin talk would have been interesting :)
    Thanks for participating Linda.

  4. I need to make a visit. Murals and barn quilts? Heck yes!

  5. Great sights in your corner of the world!

  6. Funny, you've recently posted two places where two of my sisters live--one near Lost River (in Mathias) and one in Amissville. What are the odds of that!

    1. That is surprising considering the towns are a couple hours apart!

  7. Your day in Lost River is my kind of day. I love all the sights you shared.

  8. Linda - love the mural. And it was fun to look for the "differences," like one of those puzzles! That's quite an effective make-up job to look like Ben!!! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. Pretty barn quilt and mural!


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