August 30, 2019

August is Ending.

 Will there ever be another one as colorful?

It's Willy Nilly Friday and only one day of August remains. It was a hot month, but not as stifling as July. The climate has changed, although not everyone agrees. I have lived in Virginia for seven decades and I can tell you, it has changed here. Summers are hotter. Odd events like tornados are more common. Autumn leaves change color later than they did in my youth. I cannot say for sure that winter is different because it was always changeable here.

Let us appreciate what we have. I have colors of nature to show today but let's start with a black and white image.

I was looking up a stairwell in a historic mansion and took that with my cell phone.

The roses are another cell picture, seen in a restaurant parking lot.

Friday Bliss and Floral Friday.
Next are a couple of flower close-ups, taken with my Sony camera. It helps to have a setting for macro, or close-up shots. I was going after contrasting colors. 

Weekend Reflection: Yesterday I drove by the boat landing near Eastham Park and noticed this view of the Shenandoah River.

Earlier this month I shared pictures of this fence. Later I found out that not only was jazz musician John Kirby from this area, but long before that, Heyward Shepherd lived here. His home is gone but it is described as being on land now owned by Stephens Jazz Club. Oh, perhaps you don't recognize his name. He was the first man shot by John Brown's raiders in Harpers Ferry.

Mr. Shepherd was a free black man working for the railroad when he was killed in 1859. 

Fences: Here's another fence, a rail fence with an open gate.

Skywatch: Today's closing picture is a sunset, looking west from Skyline Drive.

Have a good weekend!


  1. ...where has August gone? The staircase is a wonderful start and sunset is a great end with lots of color in between. Thanks Linda, enjoy your weekend.

  2. A great post Linda, as usual. Your black and white is so dramatic - makes me think I need a new phone!

  3. A great variety of photos. Interesting historical notes about the land. Love the rail fence.
    I do think things are warmer than what they used to be. Winter comes later, autumn is longer. Summers have always been hot here.

  4. Such lovely fav is the river with the framing of the leaves.

  5. Hello, love all the beautiful flowers and the pretty sky capture. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  6. Your b & w staircase is stunning, so are your flower macros. Wishing a good start to September!

  7. Your staircase shot is my favourite of these.

  8. Beautiful sunset shot - actually I enjoyed all of them, but doing the staircase in black and white was perfect. The climate has definitely changed in the 33 years I've lived in the Southern Tier of New York State. We don't have May heat waves any more, fall leaf drop is later, and my rhodies, just as one example, bloom at least two weeks earlier than they used to. More tornadoes in the area, too. Alana

  9. such a lovely set of photo's. I can't believe you took the staircase with your phone...turned out spectacular! Why can people not accept that Climate Change is a thing when we see proof of it every day?!

  10. The top photo is awesome and I love the bottom photo!

  11. Fascinating series .... loved the scenery and the interesting bit of history ...I sure didn’t recognize the name... and we all should. I agree with you about climate change.

  12. The stairwell is an absolutely eye catcher! But all of your photos show your photographer talent!

  13. Love that first shot. I always enjoy your colorful flower and sky shots.


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