July 5, 2019

Skies, Scenes, and Signs.

1. We have a buyer for our house at Bryce Resort. Of course, a home sale is not a sure thing until settlement, but we are proceeding as if it is. The tenant has moved out and today we went up and checked things out. I pulled out some stuff that was stored in the garage and took it to a thrift store.

The view is pretty from the deck again, now that a couple of trees have been trimmed back. I feel sad about selling this house but this is good time to simplify our lives a little bit.

2. Skywatch: It rained while we were on the mountain and on the way home I watched for a rainbow. Look where I found it!

3. Weekend Reflections: Summer is outdoor time, although we've had some very hot days. These men are fishing on our neighborhood lake.

4. Black and White: This object intrigued me by its patterns. What is it?

Well, I'm including a sign from there. This is on the JMU property on Chestnut Ridge, Harrisonburg. I guess it's the college version of we used to call a Ropes Course.

5. Fences: This red gate caught my eye near Woodstock. I was told that the electric fence keeps deer out of the vineyard.  (Not with that gate open. though!)

6. Here's a sign that amused me because we don't have alligators in Virginia. We do have snapping turtles though.


  1. The ropes make a great tangly pattern against the lines of the slats and roof. Great black and white!

  2. ...a deal is a deal when the check clears the bank! A rainbow is always a wonderful sight. Thanks Linda for stopping by. I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Ropes courses, I hate'em. People think that they facilitate teamwork. Guys are so conditioned to being on a sports team, that even if they hate each other they can be on a team and whoop it up and the next day go back to hating each other.

  4. Oh how funny, the gate being open, then the sign about alligators...you don't need to see the wildlife to include them in your post. But the big guys sitting up high above their little boat were the most amusing. Hope they caught dinner!

  5. Great series, Linda. I hope everything goes smoothly with the sale of the house. Is there a person who would actually ignore that no swimming sign? :)

  6. Probably very bittersweet selling the house. I know what you mean about having to simplify. That sign would certainly keep me out of the water!!

  7. Hope, sale of the house is settle soon.
    beautiful views

  8. Great variety of scenes, they all have their own beauty. The rope climb makes me nervous just to see it!

    My Corner of the World

  9. I hope all goes well with the settlement of the sale of your house. Beautiful photos! I LOVE the rainbow on the railroad track--what a great picture!


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