April 26, 2019

Garden Week is Coming Up.

1. It's time for Historic Garden Week in Virginia! It looks like the rain will be gone tomorrow so I plan to visit some homes and gardens.

Unfortunately Frank will not be able to tour them this year because the surgeon gave him strict orders to stay off his feet for another month. He can't risk tearing his achilles tendon again. He's feeling a little stronger but that doesn't help much since he isn't allowed to walk yet.

Sharing with Floral Friday and Friday Bliss.

2. This swinging bridge near Strasburg is still needed when the Shenandoah River floods. Residents who normally cross the Deer Rapids low water bridge by vehicle cannot do so when the water is high, so they have to reach their homes by walking over this high bridge. I would not want to do this during a storm, though!

I converted this to black and white to empathize the composition.

3. For Weekend Reflections, a look at some mallards on a pond.

4. I noticed new signs at Martins Supermarket. "Shopping carts will lock if taken beyond the parking lot perimeter." I assume they are using technology similar to an invisible fence (for dogs).

5. We had rain and wind today. After the rain let up, I went out to run a few errands. I checked out the clouds from Skyline Drive. The first overlook is only a couple miles from Front Royal.


  1. Gorgeous pink azalea or rhododenron! You said you don't want April to end - but I'm sure May will bring you also beautiful & happy moments. Happy weekend Linda.

  2. I really like the silhouette of this bridge that stands out against the sky. And also this cloudy sky. Congratulations for all these photos

  3. Lovely photos. I admit that I probably wouldn't be happy crossing that bridge, but it makes a great black and white shot.

  4. ...the azaleas and the ducks are wonderful parts of spring. Thanks Linda for sharing, enjoy your weekend/

  5. Hello, love the blossoms and ducks. I would not want to cross a swinging bridge on a windy day. Happy weekend!

  6. Great rendition of the swinging bridge! And of course raging waters below would add to the fun! I think the mallards swam into a Monet painting.

  7. That last shot is quite dramatic.

  8. Beautiful blooms. Sorry your husband is laid up but is wise to follow the doctor's orders. The escooters and ebikes around Tulsa have electronic fences that lock up them up if somebody tries to take them out of the designated areas. I've read that the fancy drones with GPS technology also have electronic fences to keep them away from airports and such but I also read that those are easily hacked.

  9. Important that your husband follows Dr. orders! I wish him as speedy a recovery as possible.

    Lovely photographs here, especially your first and last one.

    All the best Jan

  10. I hope Frank continues to heal well and quickly. Pretty photos. I love the flowers.


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