April 25, 2019

Blog Post #6700

Shenandoah National Park in Early April

I've been blogging since 2005. I've been visiting Shenandoah National Park since I was a baby. It feels like home!

The View from Hogwallow Flats Overlook.

In the days before green covered the mountains, you could drive right past a deer and not notice it. Nature has camouflaged them to be the color of fallen leaves.

The deer and the first two photos are from April 4th. The next two photos are from April 11th. I took them from the northern section of the drive.

Oh, by the way, today the southern portion of Skyline Drive finally reopened. It was shut down by an ice storm in November that felled thousands of trees, and later storms plus the government shutdown made clearing the roadway very slow.

The redbud tree blooms for two to three weeks, brightening the woods and roads with brilliant pinks. Did you know that the blossoms are edible?

I am fortunate to live near this beautiful national park, a place where I can go to refresh my soul.


  1. So glad your parkway is opened again. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway the same way, though I've only lived here 12 years. I call it my backyard. Can't hike any more, but just driving and photos and sitting at overlooks are so enjoyable!

  2. Wonderful scenes. You are indeed lucky to live where you do. Great pictures!


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