March 29, 2019

Park Views, Wetlands, Blossoms

1. The entire length of Skyline Drive reopened today. The ice is gone from the roads and the fallen trees are finally cleared. Now we can drive the length of Shenandoah National Park and see views like this. 
Skywatch: Sunset over Page County.
2. I have some more views of Blandy to share. (See Wednesday's post for some with birds.) The black and white view is looking into a shady section of the wetlands. There are both shadows and reflections in this shot.

3. From there, I turned and looked up the lane and saw some people walking on Wilkins Loop.

Blandy is a beautiful park with an educational mission. It is a research and learning facility, open to the public and also known as the State Arboretum of Virginia.

4. Here's a pond on the other side of the lane.

5. We have plenty of water but no serious flooding. I've seen photos of the terrible flooding in other places, especially Nebraska and Madagascar. To me it is obvious that the world can expect more of this because there's more moisture in the atmosphere, the result of melting glaciers. Yet many people don't believe in climate change and refuse to consider preparing for it.

Well, people laughed at Noah too.

6. Spring is finally here! We are seeing early flowers and the trees are coming back to life. 

Floral Friday and Friday Bliss.


  1. Spring is a wonderful season! Here not yet any flowers to see, but the snow is almost totally gone and the sun is shining! Gorgeous!

  2. Looks like spring. Love your sky shot!

  3. Beautiful post. Noah is an example for us.

  4. ...a wonderful collection of spring images. We went to a state park this week and they were busy cleaning up all of the downed trees, what a mess. Your first image is the winner for me. Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy!

  5. What a wonderful view from the Skyline Drive. I love your spring photos too!

  6. Noah warned them for 140 years. Lots of groups doing relief around me, most right now is farther south along the Missouri River.

  7. You live in a beautiful area and photograph it well. Climate change denialism is a big problem. I am in the hydrocarbon industry and it is a serious problem. Some of my geologist acquaintances who are honest are building tornado shelters because "there is more and more energy in the atmosphere" in geek talk.

    1. Wow! I'm worried for people living in mobile homes.

  8. That is a lovely pink and lavender sky. Glad you can again access the lovely Skyline Drive.

  9. I love the light in your black and white shot!

  10. oh my goodness, i love your new profile pic .. so cute!!! happy weekend. hope u r well. ( ;

  11. Love the sunset over Page County.
    I too like your new profile picture, it is cute.

    All the best Jan

  12. That top picture is a beautiful view!

  13. Lovely flowers. Our trees are still bare :(

  14. I caught up on a bunch of posts and e joyed them all. Commenting here because I’m loving your daffodils and happy it is Spring! Glad for the Trail being completely open and looking forward to your warmer weather adventures!


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