March 28, 2019

New Viewing Deck in Wildwood Park

We've been to Bridgewater many times and it was always a little frustrating that a fence blocked the view of the North River rushing over the dam. Recently the park was improved with an observation platform, making it easy to get unobstructed photos of the river. We stopped by there on Monday to see it.

Rain arrived shortly after we did so we didn't stay long, plus the light was getting dim for pictures. But I'm thankful that the view at this nice park has been improved. The overlook is called Downrush Vista. The roar of the water is a wondrous sound!

From here, the North River flows down to Port Republic, where it joins the South River and becomes the South Fork of the Shenandoah.

Sharing with Fences and Thankful Thursday.


  1. Hello, it is a nice park and viewing deck. Happy Friday, enjoy your day. Have a great weekend!

  2. Water flowing is fascinating and definitely photogenic! Now that you mentioned sound, I think I'll go find some today. Thanks for sharing the new observation platform with such a name!

  3. You do get good views of the water from the new overlook. It's nice that the park has been improved by this addition.

  4. What a nice overlook! I'm sure many people will appreciate this improvement.

  5. The new observation deck was a smart idea. Now people can get a great view and be safe. I love the sound of running water in nature.

  6. It is so good to have a viewing deck!

  7. Beautiful! I had no idea that someone had picked up the Fences theme. So glad to see this!


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