February 1, 2019

The White Post.

1. It's the first of a new month and City Daily Photo's theme day challenge is "White." I'm building my entire post about the color white, beginning with the white post in White Post, Virginia. Yes, the town was named for a sign post, but this is not just any sign. It was originally erected in the 1750's or 60's, supposedly by George Washington under the direction of Lord Fairfax. The signs point the way to Battletown (now Berryville), Berry’s Ferry, Stephens City, and Greenway Court, the nearby home of Lord Fairfax. This post was recently rebuilt after being hit by a vehicle.
Previous Posts: Lord Fairfax, White Post.
2. These icicles are up on Skyline Drive. They form on the road-cut cliffs. I almost used this as a black and white photo but decided I like the touch of color, and the next photo was naturally black and white.

3. Black and White Weekend: Shadows of tall decorative grass on snow. There's some tracks of a small critter that hopped through, either a rabbit or squirrel.

4. This is an old photo of Sophie in a white dress. She was my foster daughter back in 1994. She was from Eritrea, which was in a war when she left as a refugee.

5. Skywatch: The white cloud is streaming out of the modern power plant near Front Royal. Much of their fuel is natural gas so the smoke is not dark.


  1. ...white was custom made for you, Linda. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Great post! Love the icicles, and the delicacy of your black and white.

  3. We see a lot of those rock cut ice walls up this way, and they seem to last quite well into spring, especially if they're in the shade most of the day.

  4. Beautiful sky shot, and I like the icicle shot too!

  5. Now I know about White Post just in case I run across it in the future.
    Keep those icecicles where you are. We don't want them in OKlahoma.

  6. Nice collection of all things white. The icicles shot is my favorite.


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