February 28, 2019

Rockland Rail Crossing

I was driving on Rockland Road yesterday when the lights at the railroad crossing starting flashing and the gates came down. Knowing that the trains that go through there are often very long, I shifted into "park" and got out my camera. I could take a few pictures and listen to the radio.

The trains there go to and from the nearby "Inland Port," a major train to truck transfer point. Years ago, I lived near Potomac Yards in Alexandria, which then served the same purpose. It closed in the 1980s, but I can still hear the sound clanking and squealing sounds that the trains made there. They are engraved in my memory. I didn't mind them though; there was something comforting about the noise.  And I knew people who worked for the railroad, and I was thankful that they had jobs.

These green freight cars remind me that the March theme for City Daily Photo is "Green."

As you can see, they are stacked two-high, and they are the same containers that cross the ocean on gigantic cargo ships and are unloaded by cranes. Trucks hook onto them and they become the trailers on tractor-trailers. Very practical!

This particular train did something odd. It stopped and sat still for a while, and then backed up, clearing the road so the gates could go up and we could pass. I guess it had to wait for the track to clear farther ahead and the engineer did not want to block traffic. I am thankful for that! 

Thankful Thursday.
Can you see the horse logo of Norfolk Southern?

Today's final picture was taken within earshot of the railroad, from Rockland Park.

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  1. Oh goodie, I will now know to look for that horse logo. Perhaps we don't get Norfolk Southern engines though...a lot of things say Amtrak. We don't get any of those containers however, just open top cars, and box cars, and some tankers.

  2. Very colourfu.Enjoy your weekend Diane

  3. I like the color on those train cars. You live in such a beautiful area. One of my favorites in the U.S. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  4. I get amused at the art work on the trains and wonder more about the artist that tagged them

  5. Love the last shot--looks peaceful.


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