February 19, 2019

A Stop in Stanardsville

Last week I showed you the chimney-style memorial in Criglersville, Virginia. On the day I took those pictures, I decided to continue south a little way to Stanardsville where there was another memorial.

It's been years since I've been in downtown Stanardsville because there is a bypass for Route 33. The town is actually cute and has barn quilts on many buildings.

I located the Blue Ridge Heritage Memorial near the Greene County Administration Building. It is built in the same style as the other memorials honoring the people who had to leave their homes when Shenandoah National Park was built.

On a plaque are surnames of families who owned mountain land but had to leave. The state of Virginia paid them for their property and helped them relocate.

Here are a few of the names: Adams, Armentrout, Baugher, Breedon, Burke, Collier, Comer, Conley, Davis, Dean, Delaney, Frazier, Funkhouser, Haney, Hensley, Hinkle, Jarrell, Marshall, McDaniel, Reynolds, Samuels, Shaver, Shifflett, Taylor, White.

There are books on the history of the park that provide stories about these residents, and there is also an exhibit at Big Meadows Visitor Center along Skyline Drive.


  1. ...Linda, your area sure is filled with history. I value parks, but I have a problem with displacing people in the progress. Thanks to sharing, enjoy your week.

  2. architecture is so different fro Europe

  3. Hello, love the flag quilt. The memorial is nice. It is sad people had to leave there homes, they should have been grandfathered in? Wishing you a happy day and week ahead.

    1. A few elderly people were allowed to stay. Everyone else had to leave. They were compensated but of course, money does not make up for losing your home.

  4. Poignant comes to mind with this memorial.

  5. Glad they have finally put up memorials (since most of those people aren't alive anymore) for the descendants and the public to see. Many simple families were displaced from beautiful farmland which had been in their families for generations. But the parkway is also beautiful and can be shared with many more people.

  6. Nice old brick buildings remind me of those in my childhood. Nearly all have been replaced.

  7. I do like that barn quilt in your first photograph.

    All the best Jan

  8. Nice idea for a memorial. Great way to express gratitude to those who gave up their land.


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