January 11, 2019

Metro, Flowers, and Cacapon.

1. Vienna, Virginia: This corridor is long at the Metro Station because it passes over multiple lanes of I-66. The train track goes down the median strip of the highway, ending at this station. 

Black and White Weekend.
2. This evening I sought out some color in a supermarket. Found it in the flower department and saved some samples on my cell phone.

3. I made a Photo Collage using pictures that I took there.

Sharing with Friday Bliss and Floral Friday

4. On Sunday we drove up to Cacapon State Park in West Virginia. The lake was very pretty, with reflections of trees and the blue sky.

5. Picture #5 shows a creek flowing into that same lake.

Have a good weekend! We are expecting snow.


  1. Your lake view is gorgeous and the collage so colourful - thank you for joining. Happy weekend.

  2. Really like that first shot - its a nice use of B/W.

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Beautiful series! Love your black and white - great patterns ;)

  4. ...on this cold, dark, snowy morning, your flowers are a gorgeous gift. Thank you!

  5. I usually don't like collages, too confusing to my simple mind...but the flowers are so cheerful! My love of simple chooses the reflection as my fav for today.

  6. The last two are my favorites!

  7. sitting in a blizzard I would enjoy sitting in some blooms, past 6 inches since last night

    1. We're supposed to get that much tonight. We'll see.

  8. Great shots, my favorites are the reflection and the creek.

  9. Real pretty flowers, I like your collage. I know this metro station well but have not been there for a long time. Beautiful water scenes. Snow scenes next? It's starting to fall more heavily here.

  10. Beautiful shot of the lake and the creek! Have a great weekend.

  11. Love the flower collage Linda.. hope you didn't get too much snow ✨

  12. The lake is lovely. One of our sons and DIL sent a Christmas flower arrangement and the house seems empty now that I’ve finally had to toss it. I may have to buy some of those supermarket flowers. Hope you are safe and dry and warm.

  13. I love the bright-colored flowers. They are cheery on this cold winter day.


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