December 4, 2018

A CCC Camp Building

Camp Red Bird, Shenandoah National Park

I've been coming to Shenandoah National Park all my life but this fall I saw this old building for the first time. It's on a lane near Elk Wallow. The sign in the first picture tells us it needs assistance.

Help Wanted
The Piney River Technical Building is one of the few remaining structures that reveal the rich history of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Shenandoah National Park. Camp NP-12, also known as Camp Red Bird, was established on July 4, 1935. It was the 12th national park CCC camp.

The "technical" building housed the offices of the architects and engineers who developed plans for the many projects the "CCC Boys" undertook in Shenandoah. After the CCC was demobilized in 1942, most of the structures, meant to be temporary, were removed. However, the National Park Service retained this building and until 2006 it was used for our maintenance operation. As you can see, the building, while still structurally sound, has fallen into sad disrepair.

Our vision is to restore this building to its original appearance and create a place where visitors can learn the wonderful history and compelling legacy of the CCC at Shenandoah. We are working with the National Park Foundation (NPF) to raise funds for the restoration as part of NPF's Centennial Capital Campaign.

For further information about the project, or find out how you can donate to the cause, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 540-999-3500.

Along this access road is the trailhead for the Piney River Trail.

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  1. ...the Civilian Conservation Corps is a fabulous piece of American history. In our area we have many parks that were constructed during the Depression. They are wonderful gifts. Thanks Linda for sharing this treasure.

  2. Hello, I have never seen that old building either, I have been to the Elkwallow store many times. It is great it will be restored. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. I do hope they restore the building. Glad the structure is still intact. CCC was a great idea, and many men sent money home to their families in the depression from working on these projects. So their descendants need to see where it happened!

  4. Hopefully the work that's needed is done for it.

  5. Hopefully the funds will be raised and the restoration will begin and then people can enjoy and learn about the history of the CCC.

  6. Beautiful photos. That will be nice if they can restore it. Our barn looks similar, it is in better condition, but has that same kind of siding on it.

  7. Oh, I do so hope that the funds will be raised and the restoration can begin.

    All the best Jan

  8. Interesting bit of history. I hope they can get it restored.

  9. I've tried contacting several non-profits about restoring this old building. Like you, I've seen it along the Skyline Drive, but never truly explored it until Summer 2018. Never really got much response Fall 2018, will try again. The fact that there is a National Park campground so close by, says to me that Volunteers who have RV's could camp close by if they chose to volunteer successive days. Of course, that would have to be set up with National Parks


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