November 8, 2018

So Far this Month...

We've had some pretty fall color so I've been taking plenty of photos. Here are some from various locations. No doubt I'll show some more as time allows.

This afternoon we were back in Bryce Resort, where we still own the house we used to live in. It needed paint and a little more work before winter. After getting several estimates, we hired Frank Dodson, who has done handyman work for us in the past. Today we met him at the house to take a look and give him a check. Here we see him and Trent putting the final touches on the deck. 

Just up the road from Bryce is Orkney Springs. I posted some pictures from there on Sunday and here's one more.
"Depart in Peace."
Next are three scenes from the little town of Paris. You may have seen my "critter" pictures from there.

I'm sharing today's photos with Fences Around the World. In  the vertical shot, the fence is almost lost in the shadows. That scene is in Blandy Experimental Farm and I hope to post more pictures form there soon.

The final picture is from Saturday evening on Skyline Drive. There are several overlooks with a sentinel tree; this one is Devil's Stairs Overlook.

When I visit Skyline Drive in autumn, I either avoid weekends (because of the crowds) or enter late in the day from Route 211.


  1. Lovely tour...some great color! Depart in Peace is good to think about.

  2. That last shot has a serene feel to it

  3. That last one strikes me deeply. Lovely light at day's end.

  4. Nice pictures. I love that bright red of the burning bush.

  5. Great photographs, I love this time of year for the wonderful colours nature provides.

    All the best Jan


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