October 5, 2018

It's Not Autumnal Here.

1. October is here but there is very little fall color. That's normal in Virginia's lowlands, but even the mountains are only showing slight touches of reds and yellows. Our grass is still very green.

2. People are decorating for autumn, though.
Weekend Reflections and Orange You Glad It's Friday?

3. My sister Peggy arrived for a brief visit on Wednesday and left this morning. I thought we'd find changing colors in West Virginia, but a gentleman in Wardensville told us the leaves are barely starting to change in Davis. That's across the Allegheny Front, where the peak foliage season is normally in full swing by now. Oh well! I decided not to drive that far, instead going south to Lost River.

4.  The creek is "Howard's Lick" in Lost River State Park. As you can see, the trees are very green.

5. Most of the corn fields, at least, have turned brown. Summer is officially over, even though we are still getting very warm temperatures.
Skywatch Friday.


  1. Like you, we are still totally green and very warm for October - yesterday's high was 92F. Love the first photo! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Lea in north Mississippi

  2. Hello pretty views and photos. Nice shot of your sister. It is mostly green here too, some brown leaves have fallen. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I see some of the trees here are changing colour but not too many as yet. Happy weekend Diane

  4. Our trees have not turned yet either and we are still running our air conditioning. And we are also decorating for autumn.

  5. We are GREEN here on the Cumberland Plateau... No signs much of Fall except for some dead leaves on the ground... Since we have had SO much rain and now the temperatures make us feel like it's SUMMER, I don't think we will have many Fall Colors this year. Our weatherman said that the colors will be LATE and will be DULL this year.... SAD!!!


  6. Yes, also Blue Ridge in greens, and browns falling on the ground from my maples. The high 80s this week aren't much fun. But I'm waiting for winter!

  7. We're getting fall colours here, but the peak of it might be next week.

  8. ...colors in the Adirondacks are on on schedule! Thanks Linda for stopping by.

  9. Couldn't tell it was Autumn here either. I live in suburbs of Richmond and no color but for the flowers still in bloom and mums. Maybe all the rain kept things green.

  10. No matter the colour nature provides some lovely views.

    All the best Jan

  11. Maybe that will push winter back a bit, if the colors are late :)

  12. It was so warm here today it felt more like July than October. Our leaves have only just begun to change a little.


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