June 8, 2018

Too Wet for Golf!

Front Royal Country Club
Sand Trap in Black and White.
On Monday I stopped at three parks to see the high waters of the Shenandoah: Strasburg Town Park, Riverton Landing, and the Front Royal Country Club. The last location is the subject of today's post.

No one was playing golf! Several of the lower holes were under water, and the rest of the lower course was wet and soggy. The Shenandoah River had come out of it's banks, but this was not the first time. For lowlands along the Shenandoah, recreational lands are the "highest and best use" of the flood plain because they have few buildings, are easily evacuated, and serve as drains and filters.

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Normally a walking trail runs along the river but it was engulfed by the flood waters. I have posted pictures of the Carson Trail several times. It's a very nice place to walk in dry weather.

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  1. Interesting black and white photo!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Lovely shots and a nice one of you.

  3. I like the colour contrasts in your weekend reflections photo.

  4. Golfers must be staring at the waters and thinking over and over, "go away! I've got a game to get to!"

  5. Sad for the golfers, but you sure got some great shots!

  6. Hello! From Black and White Weekend!

  7. An interesting post. agree with other commenters - the golfers must be pretty unhappy. Maybe a game of water-polo in that bunker ;)

  8. Nice shots! Looks like there was lots of rain.

  9. So much flooding! I like the shot of you--very nice!


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