June 6, 2018

High Water at Strasburg Town Park

We had more rain than we needed last week, and then on Sunday it poured again. Many roads flooded and I didn't even attempt to drive to town on Sunday for fear that I would not be able to get back. On Monday the sun came out and I went to an appointment and then took a look at the Shenandoah River.

Here we see the North Fork at Strasburg Town Park. The lower parking lot was gated off so I walked down. Part of the lot was under water, the boat ramp was not even visible, and the River Walk was flooded. The picture with the bench shows what I saw when looking to the left, or downstream. That sign is normally on dry land.

Next we see what the view downstream was like in April. The spot where I stood was not accessible on Monday because it was under several feet of water. I would have been in front of the blue bench and probably a little ways to the right of it. The spot of pavement in the lower left is part of the path known as the River Walk.

Now let's turn to the right and look at the River Walk. It's completely flooded in this area. The grass on the right was waterlogged because it had been under water earlier. The floodwaters have been flowing downhill and are now flooding the banks of the Potomac, which is where the Shenandoah ends, joining it at Harpers Ferry. 

The final picture shows the River Walk in April. My vantage point is not identical to the above but it is pretty close.
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  1. Great before/after shots of river flooding. Glad that we now have walks and parks along river-fronts. Not long ago the prime farm land was where it flooded...bringing great silt to those fields.

  2. The before and after shots really show the amount of flooding.


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