June 17, 2018

Today in Rural Page County

It was a beautiful day. Allison took her dad to lunch at Jalisco's (his choice) for Fathers Day and I went for a ride.

The church is Compton Old Country Church of Jesus Christ on Route 340 in Rileyville, Virginia.

Next to the Church.
Farm Scenes

The Barn Collective.


  1. Hello, pretty rural scenes. The church is beautiful. I like the farm scene and barn. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  2. ...a church, a barn and farms scene, what more can you ask for? Thanks Linda, enjoy your week ahead.

  3. What a nice composition, love the tiny church, it has lots of charm.Those square bales are different, we used to toss the smaller ones.

  4. Pretty church. I like the peaceful farm scenes too.


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