June 30, 2018

End of June Critter Pictures

It's been really hot but I've spent the last two days mostly indoors where it's air conditioned. We moved my home office to a different room and it's hard work. I have tons of old photos (way too many!), files (which need purging), boxes of CDs, and various supplies.

I've got some birds and a couple of hooved animals taken earlier this month. 

In Strasbury - Probably a Catbird.
In Dickey Ridge Picnic Area, Shenandoah Nat'l Park.
Near Berryville, VA.
Mourning Dove.
Interesting link: Horse Breeds.


  1. Beautiful! Both feathered & hooved!

    I want to send along my sincere thanks for your sharing this fabulous post this week with us birders!

  2. ...deer sure aren't wild animals anymore.

  3. Hello, pretty birds and I love the deer. The shot of the horse is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your post. I appreciate the comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! PS, I appreciate you comment and visit.

  4. Yes to a.c. keeping us sane when the temps soar. I'm reminded that mornings and late nights are more welcoming outside these days. Thanks as always for beautiful photos, this time of birds and hooved beings.

  5. I like the horse and deer pictures best. Great critter captures!

  6. Beautiful photos, I loved them all but my favorite was the first.
    Kind regards
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  7. beautiful critters today, i really enjoy seeing the deer. the deer have become quite tame in parks, they are around here!!

    it's been very hot here as well, i have not left the house all weekend except to hang out the window and take bird pictures!!

  8. I like that wee sparrow by the water. I have stayed in all day because of the heat so know how he feels!

  9. Sweet bird and critters. I feel your pain about moving your home office.... we have to cart so much stuff from one of our homes to the other ... laptops, ipads, and doggone it paper files which we can't seem to quite get rid of.

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