May 27, 2018

Trail Cam Surprise

I have a trail camera set up in our back yard, only a few steps from our deck. I just reviewed 3,600 images from the memory card, covering March and April. I haven't reviewed May images yet because I wanted to share this one right away.

The bear is just moseying through our yard. He may have been disappointed that I had already taken down the bird feeders for the season. I do this in mid-April, or earlier if neighbors report bear sightings. We aren't far from a national forest so wildlife comes with the territory.

The camera responds to a motion detector. I have tons of images of moving branches, birds, squirrels, rain, and Frank cutting the grass. It's caught other animals including a bear previously.

I'm sharing this image with Black and White Weekend even though it's not very sharp. I just think it's cool!


  1. ...what an exciting guest!

  2. It is most certainly cool! We get penty of cats visiting - there are dogs on both sides of us and anyway they like "looking at" the birds who visit our feeder! - but I'm sure there's no room for anything as exotic as a bear :)

  3. Your instincts to take down the feeder are right. As long as bears just pass on through, they're fine. It's mistakes humans too often make- garbage left out, or a barbecue not cleaned up- that can lead to problems.

  4. I love knowing that bears pass through your yard and that you are not unhappy about it! (But I"m glad you take the bird feeders down). Wonderful to have the trail cam!!

  5. My goodness, that is a different guest!

    All the best Jan


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