April 1, 2018

Silvery Shades of Gray

City Daily Photo has challenged members to post a photo dominated by one color.  I chose this picture of wind-generated ripples on the lake. (Yes, this is a color photo.)

I also considered a deer picture, since at this time of year their brown coats tend to blend in with the brown leaves.

As I browsed through recent photos, I noticed a few dominated by a blue sky. I couldn't resist sharing this one of Canada Geese flying in the evening. Back in the days of film cameras, I would have missed this shot because they were flying our of the clear sky and through a dark forested area as they came in to land on the lake. I appreciate the ability of my digital camera to quickly open up for extra light. I don't even mind the color cast. 


  1. I'm glad to see others took the theme not literally but included shades of one color. Nice choices.

  2. They are all beautiful and great choices for the theme!

  3. Very nice choices for this theme. Well done.

  4. Love the deer photo and the birds. Was the sky gray when you took the lake photo?

    1. There were gray clouds with little patches of blue.

  5. i really love the one of the geese flying!

  6. Great shot for theme day.

  7. very nice selection. I love the first one.


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