April 1, 2018

Along Sheetz Mill Road.

Most of Shenandoah County is still rural and pretty. Here we explore Sheetz Mill Road near Woodstock.

This is Mt. Calvary United Church of Christ. It was founded in 1851.

The beautiful stained glass window depicts Jesus as a shepherd cradling a lamb.

Behind the church is a cemetery and a pretty mountain view. Quite a few of the markers are for members of the Sheetz family.

Directly across the road is this charming barn-style stable. That's the Massanutten Range behind it.

Let's drive down the road and see where it takes us.

It crosses Narrow Passage Creek on a low-water bridge.  I followed it through the woods and came to a road called Honeysuckle Avenue which took me back out to Senedo Road.

I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend!


  1. ...Hi Linda, Sheetz Mill Road looks like my kind of backroad. The white country church and barns are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you had a wonderful easter.

  2. Beautiful church and area, bet that stained glass looks wonderful on the inside

  3. Gorgeous scenes and such a pretty church.

  4. Love the stained glass window!

  5. ...Hi Linda, I will be hosting Willy-Nilly.
    The Willy-Nilly meme opens at 12:00 AM eastern time each Friday and closes at 11:55 on Monday. Please stop by!

  6. That church is a classic design. Lovely.

  7. Lovely pictures! I always enjoy exploring back roads.


  8. There's a lot to see on this road! Thanks for showing us the charming sights :)


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