April 16, 2018

From a Pizza Place to a Pleasant Park

Here it is Monday again and some of favorite linkups are available. So I'm using the Good, Random, Fun format and also sharing something for Monday Murals and Mosaic Monday.

The Good: This mural dominates a small restaurant in Winchester. Restaurants are actually a good place to find murals.

I like the graphic but I have to admit I don't eat pizza because of allergies to wheat, dairy, and yeast. 

The Random: I made a photo collage of pictures I took at Strasburg's Riverwalk. The bluebells are blooming, although they may get nipped tonight by a predicted frost.

The Fun: Running with your friends looks like fun, even if you are practicing for a high school event.


  1. Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals Linda.

  2. ..now I'm hungry for some pizza.

  3. Why don´t you try cauliflower as pizza-base?
    You can also just roast a slice of cauliflower and top it as pizza...

  4. What a shame that you can'y eat pizza, they are my guilty treat although we don't have them often.
    Thanks for linking up again with MM looks like you've finished the round up once more this week. Cheers.

  5. Neat mural and collage. I hope the bluebells can withstand the cold. We got snow today!


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