April 8, 2018

Along South Middle Road, Mount Jackson.

St Mary's Pine Lutheran Church overlooks Middle Road not far from Wissler Road. Built in 1873, it has roots going back to a church on Rude's Hill that was organized in 1760.

The church has great views including "The Knob" on Short Mountain in the Massanutten Range.  This rocky landmark is being purchased from private ownership and will become public land.

Most of the landscape here is rural. Today we drove through there and observed that the grass has turned green and there are other signs of early spring.


  1. ...spring more advanced in your neck of the woods! Lovely rural scenes Linda. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week.

  2. Thanks for telling us about a piece of land that will be preserved for the public.

  3. Spring looks wonderful in your part of the world. I like your photos. :-)

  4. I do like the cross with the daffodils growing around the outside


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