March 20, 2018

The Little Office at Belle Grove

For at least 20 years I've been coming to Belle Grove in Middletown, but I'd never been inside the little stone house that you see as you come up the lane. On Saturday it was open to the public for the first time as part of the plantation's opening day of the season, so I made it a point to go.

In the 18th century, this building had an office on one side and a store on the other side. Later it saw other uses and eventually became a residence. Over the past two years it underwent remodeling, and the upstairs is now ready as sleeping quarters for guests.
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  1. Cozy - and showing it must´ve been hard times, too.

  2. ...a nice bit of history to preserve! Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  3. I'm glad that you were able to visit this old building. I'm also glad that it has been preserved.

  4. Good to see it being used well. It is a quaint stone building.

  5. That's a cute stone house. Glad it is still in use.

  6. Neat stone house. It's nice they are still putting it to good use.

  7. A lovely looking building.

    All the best Jan


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