March 21, 2018

Finally It Snowed.

Yesterday was the spring equinox and we had snow. Then we had more snow last night and for the first time since last winter, it amounted to more than an inch. But the temperature rose above freezing so the accumulation only amounted to about 4 inches because the snow was melting even as it fell this afternoon.

The photo of the black vulture is from yesterday morning. It's a companion to a picture of a couple that I posted yesterday. Vultures are large and can be startling, but I find them very interesting.

Next up is a grackle who doesn't look thrilled with the weather.

I think the junco is hoping to grab a seed as soon as it's dropped.

This morning the snow covered the branches on our trees. I took the picture of the cardinal with my cell phone.

I like squirrels but sometimes I get irritated with them because they gobble up an awful lot of bird seed! This one was managing to get seed from my "squirrel-proof" feeder. I wondered why it was out feeding as the snow fell, getting very wet. Usually the squirrels come to my feeders in more pleasant weather, and even leave well before dark. This one must have been extra hungry.

It wasn't until I brought up the next picture on my laptop screen that I realized she appears to be a momma squirrel who has babies to feed.

American Robin
This last picture surprised me. Birds don't hold still for long and I miss quite a few shots because of it. Sometimes I catch one in flight but this time several were darting about. Perhaps it's a goldfinch party?

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  1. 1st day of spring and we had some too

  2. Hello, we had a big snowstorm too. Love your birds and squirrel images. The last shot is my favorite. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Oh, my, the grackle realy looks annoyed. The squirrel is very cute. A couple of years ago I saw one here, too, sadly no more.

  4. Great shots of wildlife, as it comes close to our human lives. I enjoy what bits of nature I can get!

  5. strange season, isn´t it? How can the squirrel sit like that?? On metall!

  6. You've got a lovely selection of photographs here Linda.

    All the best Jan

  7. Great mix of birds in your photos. The little junco waiting for a dropped seed is cute.


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