March 13, 2018

Pine Grove School and More

On Saturday there was a small crafts show at this schoolhouse in Clary, which is west of Strasburg. This is the Pine Grove School, built in 1885 and recently relocated to private land nearby. 

Even in winter, the view from the school is pretty.

After we left there, we took a ride out Coal Mine Road and circled back to Route 55 via Wardensville Grade. Here's one of the farms we passed.

Since a cow posed for me, it seems right to show you a closer view of this.


  1.'s nice to see treasure preserved. Thanks Linda for stopping by, please come again.

  2. Oh, that´s a very rural and lonely area. Must´ve been tough times back then.

  3. I love seeing the barn runoff is a water collection system...which your closeup let me see. As well as the cow!

  4. The old school would not have been that different from the ones built here at that time.

  5. I enjoy craft shows and I enjoyed this series of photographs, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  6. what a beautiful rural area, with a great sense of peace. i really liked the flag image!!


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