March 12, 2018

More Mercy Murals

Today I drove Lynn back to Baltimore for another appointment at Mercy Medical Center. I snapped a cell phone picture of this artwork depicting charitable works of the Sisters of Mercy. 

A week ago I posted pictures of other artwork at this place. Again I am sharing with Monday Murals.


  1. A nice mural Linda, hopefully it brightens the day of those visiting the hospital. Thanks for participating.

  2. Um belo e rico mural! bjsss Linda

  3. Beautiful, and they look like fiber art...but maybe not. Are they painted?

    1. I believe they are quilts. They are high on the wall so I'm not 100% certain.

  4. A neat mural and just right for a hospital.

  5. A picture story tells more than words.

  6. Nice murals, I hope Lynn's appointment went well.

    All the best Jan

  7. I like these, they are beautiful. Their message speaks loud, "courtesy, respect and compassion".

  8. É lindo o seu blog, não
    por ser diferente, mas
    pela seriedade do que vejo.

    Um beijo, mesmo em português.




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