March 16, 2018

Mid-March Quintet

1. This image of a stairway started off as a cell phone picture. I cropped off the sides a little bit and converted it to black and white. 

2. I zoomed way in and cropped this goose photo to emphasize the bright orange beak. Not many bloggers are participating in the Orange linkup these days but it's challenging. Sometimes the camera doesn't render orange correctly and it comes out yellow or red.

3. My younger daughter just returned from a trip to Tunisia. Be sure to visit her blog and see her incredible pictures. They will strike a chord with Star Wars fans.
Photo by Marie Javins
4. This is another cell phone shot. Parts of the reflection are wavy and other lines are pretty straight. I wonder if the glass has a plastic coating or something. 

I took this picture, as well as the stairway in #1, when I was in Baltimore. I considered converting it to black and white but I like the blue sky.

5. Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, and I'm prepared because I have a picture of a green display that I saw in Kroger. The beads looks suspiciously like Mardi Gras beads, don't they?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Funny you mention the Mardi Gras beads ... a friend of mine said they collected as many green beads as the could while in New Orleans this year, and they will be handing them out at the parade tomorrow ... I guess better to re-use than throw out!

  2. I love how you experiment with your photos. I am always fiddling with them. SOOC is a false god to me.

  3. ...Happy Saint Patrick Day!

  4. Great design in the stairway looks just right in b&w...and I'm also glad you kept the blue sky in the reflections pic.

  5. I love winding staircases, too. My guess is that windows never remain perfectly flat, and eventually that will create distortions of reflections. Yes, those are definitely Mardi Gras

  6. The goose was quite a patient photo subject for you!

  7. Great pictures! I enjoyed these choices. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.

  8. Fantastic shots Linda, very creative!

  9. Cool reflection! I love the staircase photo and the interesting North African buildings.


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