January 5, 2018

Cold Winter, Bright Scenes

1. We took down our Christmas decorations on January 1st. This star was in our kitchen window and it had a yellow cast. I filtered it and then made it black and white

2. Here's a flower arrangement to share with Floral Friday and Weekend Greens.

3. I've heard that sunsets are "trite" subjects but I like them.  I exited from the highway to find a spot to take a picture of this one.

Please visit Orange You Glad It's Friday and consider linking up. Participation has been dropping there. On the other hand, Skywatch Friday is very popular, and proves that other photographers like colorful skies too.

4. I had an appointment in Winchester today and went to Millwood afterward to get photos of the ice. Frank took the picture of me. The air was only 14° F.

5. Here are other pictures of the Burwell Morgan Mill and frozen millrace. As soon as we left there, I headed to Sheetz for hot coffee.


  1. Even when the sun comes out the frozen streams take a long time to recover. - Margy

  2. Your window star looks beautiful in black and white!

  3. Great filter for the star photo but how freezing cold it looks by the mill which is such a scenic spot in all weathers!

  4. Hello, pretty sky shot. The ice is amazing, it has been very cold lately. Enjoy your day!

  5. That ice is quite a sight!

    I can never get tired of sunsets.

  6. I thought the star was going to be a snowflake close-up. Beautiful shot! Love sunsets as well. Brr, looks cold by that frozen water. Hope you've warmed up!

  7. Cold and bright and oh, so lovely!

  8. Just came in from being out in the cold, it is intense here.

  9. Beautiful sunset capture, and the frozen waterfall is amazing!!

  10. Cold winter but bright scenes ... so apt!
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    Keep Warm!

    All the best Jan

  11. Linja, that looks so cold... it's been low here in SW Florida too (for this area) but no ice or snow.
    Anybody who thinks beautiful skies are trite has something wrong with them in my opinion! Thanks for sharing yours!!!

  12. Count me in as one who enjoys colorful skies.

  13. Beautiful yellow carnations, Linda!
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  14. Makes me freeze... I like sunsets too. Great star in b&w.
    Thanks for joining, enjoy your time


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