December 11, 2017

Bird Haven Follow-up Plus a Couple of Randoms

The Good: Three days ago  I received a comment from someone whose grandfather worked at Shenandoah Community Workers in Bird Haven. My posts about Bird Haven have drawn many views over the years, so I have meant to do a follow-up for some time. Here it is, briefly.

The library in Edinburg announced that they have posted oral histories about Bird Haven. These stories can help researchers learn about the place and the fine wood crafts that were produced there.

Three years ago Shenandoah County Historical Society's annual Heritage Day was held in Orkney Springs and one exhibit (pictured) was on Shenandoah Community Workers. Other places I have seen information on Bird Haven include The Plains District Museum, the Mount Jackson Museum, and Shenandoah Living Magazine (an article by Carole Alexander).

The Random: Psychology Today published an article called Low-Carbohydrate Diet Superior to Antipsychotic Medications. It discusses how cutting carbs has benefits for mental health. Even some patients with schizoaffective disorders have improved dramatically! 

The Fun: The town of Berryville (Virginia) has not only suspended parking fees for holiday shoppers, it has covered the parking meters. A local non-profit held a contest for citizens and businesses to decorate the meters. The results are delightful!

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  1. Yours seems such a vibrant busy community combining history, tradition and fun. Have a great week.

  2. Hello, it is fun and cool they are decorating and covering the parking meters. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. Um evento movimentado e gostoso, sem pagar estacionamento melhor! bj

  4. Good of the community to do that, and a fun way to decorate those meters!

  5. I love the decorated parking meters--so cute, and they're a good way to involve the community.

  6. What a vary nice gesture to suspend the parking meters and decorate them for the holidays. I like that!

  7. How nice to see the meters decorated ...

    All the best Jan

  8. What a creative idea to decorate the parking meters! 'Cause we know they are so beautiful on their own!


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