October 2, 2017

Wardensville Garden Market

Random-osity (Good, Random, Fun)

The Good: Last weekend we stopped by a pleasant farm market in Wardensville.  It's on the Frye Homestead, which was established in the mid-1800s. 

It's located directly across from the point where Route 55 meets WV 259. I was pleased to see that the intersection is being improved to make turning safer.
Made with Canva for Mosaic Monday

The Random: This barn on the property sports a large flag. If you look closely you may be able to see large letters above it: W and V (for West Virginia) with a star between them. 
(You can view more barns over at Tom's "Backroads" linkup, and more seasonal images at "Seasons.")
The Fun: The market has some amusing decor, including a metal pig sculpture and some photo cutouts. Frank talked me into posing in one, and of course he did the same.


  1. You really do find some fab places to take us to! I would love to stop at this market for a coffee and a little bit of shopping. Love the pig!

  2. ...Linda what a fun collection. Those cutouts are alway fun, the weathered barn with the flag and the fall collage. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love the whole idea of this place and their other business, Lost River Trading Post. They've really done a lot for the town and especially for the youth.

  4. I always have to try cutouts also. LOL

  5. Hello, that looks like a fun farm to visit. We have some similar farms here that sell pumpkins, corn, have the mazes and scarecrow making. Love the barn and flag. The last two shots are cute. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  6. Looks like a fun place Linda. Thank you for sharing another fun place for my bucket list. Loved that last photo :)

  7. Love the pig sculpture and the lovely country setting

  8. A great recap of this farmers market! Looks like having a good time - and good food:):) Many thanks for sharing your pillory pics (or whatever you call these in your area). Hope you're having a great fruitful (pun intended) week:)

  9. As much as I love Virginia (my home state), I also love West Virginia.... Your pictures are great --and I love the pictures of the two of you!!! Neat.

  10. Adorei o porco e as fotos...kkkk bacana! bj

  11. I love the cutout photos of the two of you!


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