October 8, 2017

St. Bridget's Chapel

I came upon this charming church accidentally, while seeking a place to turn the car around so that Frank could have an ice cream cone. We were driving into Berryville and he spotted an ice cream stand and wanted to go back. I looked for a public driveway or parking lot and there it was!

Although the style is classic and charming, St. Bridget's Chapel is fairly new. It was dedicated in 2002.


  1. Lovely church. I like the fact that it's in an older style - I'm not very keen on many modern churches. I suppose I'm old-fashioned.

  2. It does have a bit of a classic look to it. Nice.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. ...looks like a "steepled ell" plan with its steepled entry tower located at the intersection of the nave and transept. Its design is attributed to the church plan catalogue by architect Benjamin D. Price.

  4. Hello, pretty church, I like the bell tower. Pretty sky too. Happy Monday and enjoy your new week ahead.

  5. It's very pretty. I have a cousin who lives in Berryville.

  6. These are fine pictures of this chapel. Very well done.

  7. What a neat little chapel... Amazing though that it is fairly NEW...

    Bet the ice cream was good also.

    Check out my blog post when you get a chance... We took a tour to the Antelope Slot Canyon in Page, Arizona, and it was amazing.


  8. I love surprises like that! I do hope that ice cream was eaten eventually :)

  9. Love that black and white photo.

  10. Lovely Church and also, I love the colour in that beautiful blue sky!

    All the best Jan

  11. I do hope that ice cream was eaten eventually :)



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