October 10, 2017

Lost City Random-osity

The Good: Lost City is in a pretty and fertile valley in West Virginia. Originally known as Cover,  it's named for nearby Lost River.

The Random: Here's the little post office. The town has had a post office since 1892.

The Fun: There's an arts and crafts center with a sense of humor.

Bonus Photo:
Sharing with Random-osity and Tom's Barns and Treasures linkups


  1. Hello, that seems like a strange name for a town in West Virginia. I would like to visit the arts and craft center. The last landscape is beautiful. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. That first shot is so pretty. Loving the horseshoe sculpture.

  3. Bacana de madeira...esses lugares ficam perto de onde moras?

    1. They are an hour's drive from where I live.

  4. Well now this looks like a great little rural town.

  5. These are some awesome photos. I enjoy seeing historic places like this and love the horse with the great eyelashes!


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