October 30, 2017

Random-osity Around Berkeley Springs

We went to West Virginia a week ago for the Berkeley Springs Studio Tour. We didn't try to visit all the studios but we did see some we hadn't seen before.

Good: We visited a blacksmith shop and I was delighted to see this fine mural.

Random: Farmers have laid in a supply of hay for the winter. 

Fun: One of these is ladies is not a real person. Frank urged me to pose here.

Bonus Image: I made a collage of other pictures from this trip.

Visit Mosaic Monday and the Barn Collective


  1. The blacksmith mural is fab, your companion looks very chilled and the dog quote is so very true. A great post for MM once again.

  2. ...now that is a old school way to store hay, wrapped bales are the thing these days. Enjoy your week.

  3. Hello, the mural is wonderful. I like the shot of you posing with the "other" lady. Happy Halloween, enjoy your day!

  4. Ha Ha---I love that picture of you and your 'new' friend......

    Looks like a fun trip to Berkley Springs.


  5. LOL - love that shot of you with the dummy.

  6. Adore the picture pile collage! That lady in the lawn chair is wayyyy too relaxed for an Autumn day. (I hope somebody helps her inside before it snows!).

  7. Looks like a great trip. Loved the Mural on the Blacksmith Shop & the Rolled Hay. The lawn chair lady was fun.

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