October 31, 2017

Halloween in Shenandoah Memorial Park

Today I went to Shenandoah Memorial Park thinking maybe I would take a picture of Patsy Cline's grave. Then I saw this. Yes, it's a real grave. I guess the Blevins family is really into Halloween. 

After taking these pictures, I decided Patsy could wait until another day. As we were leaving, I noticed a plaque on the brick gate. 

"This entranceway is dedicated in remembrance of Patsy Cline, one of America's best beloved singers, by her husband Charles Dick, their children Julie and Randy and her family. 1963."
See my 2013 post, The Patsy Cline House


  1. Hmm - hard to believe someone would actually decorate a grave for Halloween - but each to their own, I suppose. Patsy Cline died so young - 'Crazy' is still a fabulous number.

  2. ...Patty, what a loss! I just saw the show, "Always Patty Cline." Thanks for stopping by!

  3. She still lives in the hearts of many

  4. Gone from life but still caught in the webs of our hearts?

  5. Decorating a grave for Hallowe'en is entirely different.

  6. Last year, when visiting the house of Christina Olsen, (the muse of Andrew Wyeth's painting: 'The world of Christina') I saw in a nearby cemetery, the family tomb also decorated with pumpkins.

  7. Goodness!
    Decorating a grave like this is most unusual.

    All the best Jan

  8. Patsy Cline died so young - 'Crazy' is still a fabulous number.



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