June 1, 2017

Theme Day: Nature

It's Theme Day over at City Daily Photo and the June theme is "Nature." Since I live in a beautiful area, I have many, many photos of nature, but I decided to go with a picture of a cute squirrel. 

Like many people, I feel concerned for the fate of nature and the future of our planet. We find ourselves with a federal government that no longer values nature over monetary gain, and it's easy to feel depressed about this. Glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying... but I do see a ray of hope. Cities and states all over the country are reaffirming that they are committed to clean energy, and even other countries are racing ahead to grow the solar industry and wind power. Perhaps this is our wake-up call! We as individuals have been rather complacent about our own role in polluting the planet and harming nature with our careless habits and over-consumption of resources. We need to slap ourselves awake and lighten our carbon footprints. 

May we grateful for the wonders of nature, be critical of our habits, and be willing to change them. 

Meanwhile, we photographers can continue to share. Perhaps we can educate and inspire, and at the very least we can brighten someone's day.

I have a few pictures of Strasburg's Town Park to show you. These are from six days ago, and the Shenandoah was high from heavy rains.

The entrance to the Riverwalk Trail was blocked by muddy water and the boat ramp was completely submerged.  The rack where the kayaks are tied is normally on dry land, but here it is in the brown turbid river.

Just up the hill next to the tennis courts, a dog park is being built! Here we see the fences going up.  Hooray for dogs!

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  1. What a stunning picture opens this post of yours, darling Linda, that squirrel is the cutest I've ever seen !
    But what a pity in that so wonderful park, alas ! we all should be more careful towards what's happening in our world today !

    Wishing you a most lovely weekend ahead,
    I'm sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Dany

  2. ...what a wonderful squirrel.

  3. The high water reminds me of conditions on our rivers early in May.

  4. Rivers are high here, I have waited to see a few go over

  5. That's a nice looking fence they are building at the dog park. The dogs will enjoy that park.

  6. simple but lovely fences Love fro poland

  7. Cute squirrel picture. I agree that the problems our planet is facing are severe. I hope our federal government wakes up and learns to value our world instead of money. I believe like you that change is necessary.

  8. All great, especially the squirrel.

    All the best Jan


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