June 2, 2017


This cell phone snapshot looks abstract but that's just how I shot it. I was intrigued by the pattern of lines.

Today's challenge at My Town Shoot Out is Stores but I don't have many pictures of stores. However, I remembered shooting this one and it was of a store that I really like for two reasons: (1) Their coffee is reasonably priced and not bitter, and (2) the restrooms are kept clean. The store in question is Sheetz, a mid-Atlantic chain of gas stations with mini marts done right. I admire that all their coffee cup sizes use the same size lid, and decaf is just about always ready!

My other favorite stores are Martins (a local supermarket), Better Thymes (an even more local natural food store), and Wegman's (supermarket). I'm not counting online stores in this post. I don't have a favorite clothing store; none of them suit my needs at all.

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Have a fun weeekend! 


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