April 16, 2017

A Little Church and Easter Wishes

The New Zion Baptist Church near Middleburg was built around 1896 and relocated to this location on Sam Fred Road in 1970. The Historic Wanderings blog identifies this as an African-American church.

I decided to render it in black and white for the Black and White Weekend linkup, since the bright white of the church makes it stand out.  I'm also sharing this with InSpired Sunday, where you can see a variety of church architecture.

Today is Easter, so I send out Happy Easter wishes to all who celebrate it.  Some folks down the road have this colorful Easter egg cutout on their gate.

They also had a big heart-shaped sign for Valentine's Day.


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too. Love that church in B&W.

  2. An appealing little church. I love the lines of the spire.

  3. ...now that's an Easter egg!

  4. black and white is so fitting for this pretty little church and i love the colorful easter egg!

  5. The church looks great in b&w. Love that big and colourful easter egg.

  6. That is a colourful egg.
    Hope your Easter Weekend was enjoyable

    All the best Jan

  7. I do like that, especially the spire

  8. The church makes a great black and white photo.


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