February 14, 2017

A Few Treasures on Valentine's Day

1. Some neighbors have installed a big heart on their gate! On the other hand, the sign on the right says "Due to the increase in ammunition costs, you will no longer be given a warning shot. Thank you for your understanding."

 I'm pretty sure they are joking though! Another sign says "Beware. Guard Horse on Duty!"

2. We went to lunch in Rippon and the waiter handed me a menu with this sweet cover. They have a variety of menu covers there, and last time I got a cute one with a dog picture.

3. We passed the inn below on the way home. It doesn't look real fancy from the parking lot, but L'Auberge Provencale has a prize-winning restaurant. I haven't tried it because expensive meals are wasted on me since I have food allergies. By the time I say no dairy, no wheat, no this or that, I might has well just have plain steak or ham any place that does real cooking.

4. I purchased an item in a second-hand shop and found this rosary hidden inside it. I wonder if someone lost it or just placed it there as some sort of blessing? I guess I'll take it back to the shop in case someone is looking for it. 


  1. The heart gate and signs are fun to the passerby. Cute menu and a feel good to receive it. I have only been in one fancy French restaurant and that was years ago. Sorry to hear about your allergies. I have suddenly developed one to dairy. The rosary is a pretty one. I hope you are able to connect to the person who may have lost it but as you say, maybe they left it for a blessing. Always enjoy your posts Linda, thank you :)

  2. It's a pretty rosary. I like the soft green.

  3. Linda, the heart and sign don't seem to go together! The old inn would be nice to visit. Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

  4. I like the look of the old inn. The rosary's quite a surprise.

  5. Those signs are funny. I like the flowers on the menu. Such a pretty rosary. It would make me wonder too if someone lost it.

  6. The old inn is interesting. I think the signs are funny, hopefully! I wonder what the story of the rosary is.

  7. I love the stone-covered inn. Funny sign about the ammo, sounds like something my brother would do. I've seen some signs that made me feel UN-welcome when out looking for places to photograph.


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