March 2, 2017

Miscellaneous Cell Phone Pictures

Around the Shenandoah Valley

My Sony phone takes decent pictures, although I get better results using a regular camera that has a viewfinder. The cell pics tend to be longer, almost panoramic, except when using "Selfie" mode. For some reason those are more of a standard shape. 

I took this one today at our old residence at Bryce Resort. The tenants have moved out so we were there checking on things.


  1. Such gorgeous shots, dear Linda, as usual you fill my heart, blessed be !

    Sending blessings of joy on your weekend ahead,
    I'm thinking of you with so much love

    XOXO Dany

  2. Beautiful shots from the valley.

  3. Really neat view of the area...nice shots!

  4. You've definitely captured the spirit of the Valley, I have many fond memories of our visit some ten years ago now...:)

  5. I love that third shot. So pretty. Nice mix of light and shadows.

  6. I think phones takes decent "everyday" images. But not when you want something special :) Love the fences. And, do I see a foal?

  7. I love your white fences. Thanks for joining


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