March 3, 2017

Crazy Weather and More

It's Friday already, and a good time to post 5 topics for Willy Nilly Friday and also Five on Friday, which is getting ready to move over to a new host. Meanwhile, thank you Amy for hosting that linkup.

1. Our weather is turning to spring, but then again, maybe not! After period of warm spring-like weather, green leaves started showing up and flowers started to bloom. Then apparently nature made a correction and sent us colder temperatures, since spring never arrives here before mid-March. It's been crazy.

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2. Here's another view of the lake near our home.
SkywatchOrange You Glad It's Friday, and Weekend Reflection
3. It's nice to see flowers blooming, even though I feel a twinge of anxiety about the obvious signs of climate change. (Okay, more than a twinge. But I'm trying to stay calm.)
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4. Flash is doing okay. Right now I'm not feeling great because I had a tooth pulled two days ago. It's one that I had a lot of work done on in the past so it was a shock that it cracked so badly it couldn't be repaired.

5. Even though the election was in November, this guy has not taken down his signs. I only stopped for a moment to take a picture because it's a bit scary if you see the whole thing. This is only part of the display. Not only is the porch roof painted in big letters, there are four outbuildings covered with lettering and signs plus numerous banners and flags.
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  1. Wow - that lake shot is fabulous!

  2. Your pansies are beautiful and a joy to see a touch of green in the tree... weather can be very fifferent, we had only a little snow in this winter, burt sometimes we get it at easter more than enough, sigh! And all the hydrangea buds freeze... Hope, it will be not so bad this year.
    The last photo is strange, have visited your link, well, he's a big fan!
    Have a nice weekend, thanks for joining in Weekend Green

  3. Well, the guy seems prepared to keep the signs for the next 3 years. Sigh!

  4. Great five! I love the sky shot and all those colourful pansies!
    Sympathies with you re the cracked tooth as the same thing happened to me last year.

  5. Lovely sunset, and I like you and Flash sharing a rest

  6. That second shot's my favourite!

    We had something of that warm up too, but the temperatures plummeted, and it feels very cold at present.

  7. ...sure are a bunch of Trumpvilles in this country.

  8. In the reflection one, it looks like the water in on fire !!

  9. Good lord...that guy...I guess I should be nice and withhold comment

    I wish you a wonderful weekend and I hope your tooth feels better!

  10. Well we still haven't had spring weather here yet, Very few flowers blooming so I enjoyed seeing yours. Lovely green on the trees and such a pretty sunset. - Well atleast he's enthusiastic about his canidate.

  11. Oops I forgot to say I'm happy Flash is doing better & hope you are feeling better now too.

  12. Oh those first two photo's are lovely ...and nice to see the blooms too.
    Sorry your tooth has given you problems, hope you may be feeling a little better now.

    All the best Jan

  13. I hope that you get better from losing your tooth. That can be traumatic.
    Something about the massive display of signs seems a little sinister.z
    I love the fresh green in your first pic.

  14. Ugh, hate going to go to the dentist, hope you feel better soon.

  15. Nature corrected things here too, brought 10" of snow!

  16. Wow, talk about fire water! :-) Beautiful reflection!

  17. Your photography is fantastic, what wonderful photos you've shared with us. I hope you and Flash are feeling better :)

  18. Great shots! I love the sunset. Hope you're feeling better.


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