March 17, 2017

Five for St. Patrick's Day

1. It's St. Patrick's Day but I didn't spend it celebrating. But then, I never do! I even forgot to wear my little green pin.

Orange You Glad It's Friday?
2. Here's some more green. I spent some time staring at this pretty picture in a waiting room at Augusta Medical Center today. My older daughter was having surgery to remove breast cancer. She did well, thank goodness! Oh, I should mention that she had an excellent medical team so I am thankful to them.
3. Since I spent hours waiting, I got tired of reading and checking social media so I took some snapshots. In this one I was looking at the atrium from the third floor.

The sky was bright blue but by the time I left it had turned gray and snow was coming down!
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4. Some of the cafeteria workers were wearing green hats for St. Patrick's Day. That was a cheerful sight!

5. Last but not least, a photo of Lynn from 2010.
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  1. ...lots of festive green.

  2. So very thankful for the medical teams who care for cancer patients, like your dear daughter and my father.
    I like that painting a lot!

  3. Given the circumstances, completely understandable that you'd have been distracted. The atrium is quite impressive!

  4. A long wait I bet, glad all is well.

  5. Nice pictures for St. Patrick's Day. I'm glad to hear your daughter's surgery went well.

  6. I like your green pin.

    That is a very nice painting.
    So pleased to read that your older daughter's surgery went well.

    All the best Jan

  7. I enjoyed these fun photos Linda, one day late but Happy Saint Patrick's Day :)

  8. oh linda, i am glad to hear that the surgery went well...what a scare! hugs to you and her! thank you for linking up and have a great week ahead :)


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