February 10, 2017

Five Photos from Front Royal

Link parties, blog hops, linkups, memes... whatever you call them, there are plenty to join today, including Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday.  These are places to see what other bloggers are posting and to be seen by them.

1. A jogger in an orange shirt runs on a hilly street. "Orange you glad it's Friday?"

2. For Skywatch Friday we have a water tower and a glider against a blue sky. You may want to click on this to enlarge it so you can see this is a glider and not a bird. It's not unusual to see gliders in this town, which is surrounded by mountains.

3. The view of the power plant was taken from Shenandoah Valley Overlook on Skyline Drive. Despite the smoky look, it is powered by natural gas and won awards for energy innovation.

4. This week's topic for My Town Shootout is Love is in the Air.  I went back in my archives for this one.

5. I imagine someone out there wants to see more of the caboose. It's in downtown Front Royal behind the Visitor's Center.


  1. Quite an eclectic 5 this week but each has a great back story to spark our interest even more.
    Bon weekend.

  2. I've often wondered what a caboose was, ever since I heard Bing Crosby mention one! Great shots.

  3. I think the water tower with the glider photo is my favorite. I enjoyed seeing all the different views of your area.

  4. maybe a good launch area nearby for the gliders

  5. A great selection for all the memes Linda.

  6. Good selection, particularly the caboose, love old trains.

  7. Nice collection of photos. Love the red caboose!

  8. What a good collection you've shared.

    All the best Jan

  9. Hello, I love the caboose and water tower shot. Great series! Have a happy day and weekend!


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