February 9, 2017

Dark and Mysterious

Skyline Caverns, Virginia 

This commercial cave is near Front Royal. I took these pictures quite a while ago but didn't get around to posting them. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed when I have a large number of images from one place. It's hard to winnow them down to a reasonable number to post. Somehow it seems easier to sacrifice a bunch of them when enough time has passed that I no longer remember the effort to take them.

Most of the bright colors are created by the lighting system.

This cave is famous for crystalline features called anthodites. They are deep in the cavern and are rare. A door separates this part of the cave in order to protect them from outside air and too much human breath, which will eventually destroy them.

The Shenandoah Valley has many caverns. Not all are open to the public, but a number are and you should tour one when you visit our area.

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  1. Amazing colors on the inside. Truly great photography here. Love it. Have a great weekend.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I've toured some caves here in Ohio. They are pretty inside, but sometimes they make me feel claustrophobic!

  3. Hmmm...wonder if I could go through one of those since I'm claustrophobic? It's very interesting and pretty.
    I'm horrible at deleting pictures. I'm trying though.


  4. The photos are lovely but I would be so scared to go in there.

  5. So amazing, I'm glad I saw this post of yours.

    All the best Jan


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