January 23, 2017

Signs of Resolve

#WomensMarch 2017
January 21, Woodstock, VA
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This is my third post about Saturday's march and rally in Shenandoah County. There were about 375 participants in this small town. Some residents had gone to the main march in DC, which is only 90 minutes away.
The mood was cheerful and enthusiastic... So many smiles, so many signs!

(Previous posts are here and here.)

It's only fair to mention there was a counter-demonstration of sorts, maybe 20 people who were mostly there to voice opposition to abortion rights. This gentlemen was showing his support for the new president who was sworn in the previous day. He made it a point to tell marchers that he supported human rights and their message of caring.

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  1. it seemed to draw a crowd nationwide, I have seen a number of posts

  2. I wonder how long it will take the final fellow to realize how wrong he was to support that man.

  3. It has been very encouraging to learn about all the marches across the world, thank you for sharing your experiences with us at Mosaic Monday this week.

  4. I support all the women who were involved in the marches, for all their various reasons. Hoping the message gets through!

  5. It was amazing and encouraging to see marchers all over the world. It will be long remembered.

  6. I like how you've done your mosaic ...

    All the best Jan

  7. One of my sister-in-laws participated in the D.C. March. I told her how much I admired her for doing so. She said everyone was peaceful and the police they encountered were very friendly. It was a peaceful march. The man in your last photo was a true gentleman sharing his positive opinion too. So good to hear. Thank you for sharing this Linda.

  8. I should clarify, the man who shared his positive attitude towards the marchers, even though their opinions were on the opposite side of each other.


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