January 22, 2017

Christian Newcomer Church

Toms Brook, Virginia
churchArchitecture is interesting to me, and I keep an eye out for buildings to photograph for this blog. While driving home yesterday I saw this church in Toms Brook. When I pulled over to take a picture, I was shocked to see that this church was named for Christian Newcomer, a very distant relative of mine! I've passed this church many times without reading the sign!

Christian Newcomer was a brother of my gggg-grandfather Henry Newcomer. I posted a picture of Christian Newcomer's grave in December 2013 along with a summary of his life. He was the third Bishop of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. You can read about him on Wikipedia or GAMEO.

Although a sign on the church identifies it as a Methodist church, a plaque tells us that is was originally Evangelical United Brethren and was first built in 1879 and rebuilt in 1915.

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  1. Nice to have a lengthy heritage you can trace like that.

  2. It is a very distinctive looking church.

  3. That is so cool and I like the looks of the church.

  4. wow that is so neat! what a surprise!

  5. That's a pretty church. How interesting to find out the connection to your family!

  6. A beautiful church building, and Newcomer is such an apt name!
    Left two other comments on different posts here, because it doesn't look like you have been on wordpress since August.
    Thank you for your comment and hope we will still see you at ALL SEASONS this week (open till Wed. evening 7pm Pacific time) Have a great week!


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