January 26, 2017

Hats and Other Symbols

In Woodstock, VA

These cut-out characters are skating around a rock sculpture of a hiker. He's been dressed up before.

The fences here are small but cute. I'm linking to Fences Around the World.

Also in Woodstock on Saturday, I saw plenty of pink hats. Even the Peter Muhlenberg was wearing one! A man complained that this was disrespectful of Muhlenberg, a Revolutionary War hero. After thinking about it, I concluded that Muhlenberg would understand. He was quite a rebel, for his fame in Woodstock is based on the story that he was preaching in a local church in 1776 when he interrupted a text from Ecclesiastes, saying "a time of war, and a time of peace... And this is the time of war," removing his clerical robe to reveal his Colonel's uniform. He went on the form the 8th Virginia Regiment and be an important officer in the Revolution.

This legendary incident in Woodstock took place on January 21, 1776,  exactly 241 years before the Women's March and the day I took this picture!

Oh! Now I understand why this gentleman suddenly showed up in colonial costume. He was there for the Muhlenberg anniversary! He removed the pink hat from the statue and conversed with someone about whether the face looked like Muhlenberg's.  As I was leaving, I noticed that a few people gathered and he read a prayer.


  1. There's little or now pink yard to be had!

  2. love the little Snoopy cutouts. Made me smile. :)

  3. I think the statue looks great with that pink hat!

  4. The Peanuts cutouts are a cheerful sight!

  5. I like the Peanuts characters in cutout. Snoopy is always my favorite.

  6. Well the Peanuts figures and the cute little white picket fence made me smile.

  7. The Peanuts characters are always a cheerful bunch and make people smile. I like the hat on the statue. He was updated for these times and probably would have approved.

  8. That pink hat looks perfect on that grey statue. Who knows what people 100 years from now will think of us? Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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