January 27, 2017

Five from Front Royal

The town of Front Royal has furnished me with plenty of topics for Five on Friday, Willy Nilly Friday, and other linkups.

1. I stop at this shopping center once or twice a week. If it's near lunch time, I sometimes buy a salad at the supermarket and take it up to nearby Skyline Drive to enjoy the view while I eat. (I have a National Parks pass so I don't have to pay to enter the park.)

Sharing with Skywatch Friday and My Town Shootout
2. And here's one of the views from Skyline Drive. It's prettier in autumn, but even in the dead of winter, it lifts my spirits.
Looking toward the Remount Road area from Dickey Ridge

3. I'm not the only person who feels inspired by the views. This man celebrated with his arms outstretched! Don't worry, he did not try to fly!

Linking to the Silhouettes meme.

4. Back in town, there's a new attraction: The Virginia Beer Museum on Chester Street. The museum is also home to the Helltown Saloon, which is not the only business in town to sport the Helltown name. That was a nickname for the town way back when it was called Lehewtown.  It became Front Royal in 1788.

The building's fresh coat of green paint qualifies it for the Friday Greens linkup, which unfortunately is closing down due to low participation. Thank you, Nick, for your efforts. 

5. This sign always looks cheerful, and on a recent sunny day it really stood out!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Interesting shots and commentary!
    Thank you for linking up on the Saturday Silhouettes meme.

  2. Wonderful photos! Love the man with his arms outstretched. Beautiful place to soak up all that Mother Nature offers.

  3. ...interesting to see that you have Peebles.

    1. Yes, their stores have been in Virginia for many years. I used to like it but lately everything is polyester.

  4. There's something infectiously jubilant about the man with the outstretched arms.

  5. Lovely to see these moments from your week, the last one is very cheery!

  6. Thank you for sharing those views and cheerful photos.

  7. A beer museum? Hmmmm. I was so pleasantly surprised to find how the wine industry in Virginia continues to grow. And now a beer museum. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  8. I like the third photo the best. You really captured the feeling of celebration with that.

  9. I love the photo of the man with the outstretched arms! It looks like he is trying to soak up all of the sunshine he can! I used to go to a local park on my lunch hour. It is just a small little park, but I loved going there and getting out of the office. Great Five!



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