December 19, 2016

Rural Scene Random-osity

The Good, The Random, The Fun
The Good: I like arts and crafts, and these miniatures are well-crafted. I saw them in an antique shop.

The Random: We saw the barn below on a rainy day and I was fortunate that the clouds parted just in time to lend some brightness to the picture.

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The Fun: This light-hearted mural covers a wall in Berryville.  There was no vantage point for showing the entire mural in one photo so I took several. See the collage below for more scenes from this work.

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  1. Oi Linda!! adorei a casa miniatura, as casas dessse país são maravilhosas, alhás o país é primeiro mundo, adoraria conhecer, mas impossível pra mim, meu marido já foi duas vezes ao Kansas a trabalho.Belo mural.
    Gosto muito de ver fotos de igrejas, elas me fascinam, embora eu só seja espiritualista, não sigo nenhuma religião.Obrigada por visitar meu cantinho.
    Um ótimo Natal e final de ano!


  2. Linda, it looks like you and I enjoy many of the same things. The miniature barns a nice find. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and please stop back again.

  3. your photos are treat .i click to enlarge .sky is magical !

  4. I love the composition of the barn, it is very nice. Also, the collage is a wonderful way to show the mural, I like it.

  5. I love the mural! It's neat to see all the parts of it.

  6. It must have taken a long time to paint that mural!

  7. Love that barn at the antiques center. Great mural, too!

  8. Mailboxes and murals are cool. I brake for barns.

  9. Isn't it fun to find a mural in unexpected places. Murals and antique malls--two of my favorite things. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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