December 18, 2016

Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock and...

Thoughts about Refugees

The late afternoon sun lit up the front of this church in Woodstock, VA. To the left is an additional part of the building, and in the shadows there's a nativity scene set up for the Christmas season.

If you are an admirer of church architecture, take a look at the InSpired Sunday blog linkup. I'm also sharing this with Shadow Shot Sunday.

This week I came across an article that I saved from last January's Mountain Courier. Pastor Bill Nabors (of another local Lutheran Church) wrote about Jesus as a refugee. This goes back to the story of the flight into Egypt, where Joseph and Mary took their baby boy across the border to another country in order to save him from King Herod's men. Pastor Bill wrote that "we are currently in a roar of fear-driven reaction to ISIS and terrorism that is being directed onto refugees. We have proposals to ban Syrian refugees (even though the vetting period is at least two and a half years)." 

Later he writes:
"Have we forgotten that we are a nation of refugees, both documented and not? Read the history. See the fearful reaction to Irish, Asian and Eastern Europeans. Every new group was feared. We have been so blessed by people from different cultures and religions and what they have brought to our nation. Do we really want to go down the fear route again?"
So let us remember this old story of a family who found refuge in another country. Let us have the courage to stand up to fear and prejudice.

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  1. That little tidbit is one that some of us know but it seems to fade into the background. Thanks for the post.

  2. A lovely church that I might find in the area...Merry Christmas.

  3. Always notice when you post about Woodstock, and then remember it's Woodstock, Virginia!

  4. Wise words from that minister. Every time we as a nation have brought in refugees as well, there have always been naysayers, but every single time, our nation has been enriched by doing so.

  5. Nice church & I like the Nativity scene

  6. If I heard a sermon that included this minister's words, I would be tempted to become a regular churchgoer. I'm so upset with people who call themselves Christians, go to church every Sunday, and yet talk terrible about anyone different from "us" and brag that they voted for Trump. It almost makes me physically ill.

    A lovely creche scene. Thank you for sharing these words and I apologize for the rant, just had to get it off my chest somewhere.

  7. It is a beautiful church. I agree so much with Sallie's comment that I can't think of anything else to add. Thanks for posting this.

  8. I think people in our country often forget that we are a nation of refugees. Beautiful church and nativity scene.

  9. Happy holidays to you and your family


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